Cirrus Logic All Drivers

Actiontec 56K PCI Fax Modem Cirrus Logic 5480 PCI v1.10
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5480 Graphics Adapter 1.22 Cirrus Logic GD7543 Video Drivers
Cirrus Logic GD7548 Video Drivers Compaq QVision and Cirrus Logic
Compaq/InterVideo Software DVD Application Crystal Audio Driver for Windows 2000 (6124)
Crystal SoundFusion Audio Driver Crystal SoundFusion(tm)
Crystal SoundFusion(tm) CS4281 WDM Audio Crystal SoundFusion(tm) PCI Audio Accelerator
Crystal WDM Audio Codec Dell Cirrus Logic CS4281
DWL-500 Echo Integra, 14.4 External
ES1879 Control Interface ES688 AudioDrive (WDM)
External Zoom Modem Gateway - Margi DVD controller driver, version 2.16.90
Gateway PCIC or compatible PCMCIA controller V2.44 Graphics Blaster 3D
Graphics Blaster 3D / Eclipse Hercules Fortissimo
Hercules Game Theater(tm) XP 6.1 Hercules Gamesurround Fortissimo(tm) II
hp brio ba, audio driver HP Brio BA400, Sound driver
HP Brio BA600, Audio driver HP Brio BAx, Audio driver
HP OmniBook 4150B Drivers HP OmniBook 500 - Windows 98 SE Driver Package
HP OmniBook 6000 Windows 98 SE Driver Package HP OmniBook 900 Drivers Package
HP OmniBook 900 Windows 95 Drivers HP OmniBook 900B Drivers Package
HP OmniBook XE Windows 98 Drivers HP OmniBook XE2 DC Windows 95/98 Driver Package
HP OmniBook XE2 Windows 98 Drivers HP Omnibook XE3-GF and Pavilion N54xx-GF driver package
HP OmniBook xt6050 -- Windows 98 SE drivers IBM Santa Cruz PCI Audio Accelerator
IBM ThinkPad Installation Supplement Files for Windows 98 Intense3D VGA
MDP3858 PCI Modem Enumerator MDP3858 PCI Modem Enumerator and other modems
MicroLink 56k pro Olicom Token Ring PCI & ISA 16/4 Network v4.11
PC Card Driver Package PCMCIA Card Services
Proxim Wireless Card PSeries Drivers
Santa Cruz PCI Audio Accelerator Santa Cruz(tm)
SoundFusion(TM) PCI Audio Accelerator System Enhancements
Texas Instruments CardBus Controller TrendNET TFM-560R PCMCIA 56kpbs FAX+MODEM
TrendNET TFM-560X 56K External Modem Turtle Beach Santa Cruz audio driver for Windows Me, 2000, and XP
Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz(Dell)
Windows 2000 Sound Driver for Crystal 4281 Sound System (5950) Windows 98 Sound Driver for Crystal CS4235
Windows 98SE Driver Package
Manufacturer Name: Cirrus Logic
2901 Via Fortuna
Austin, Texas 78746

Phone Number: 1-512-851-4000
Support Number:
Main URL:
Driver URL:
Additional Information: For Cirrus drivers it is recommended you go to the device manufacturer instead of Cirrus. If you can't get support from the manufacturer then Cirrus does offer generic drivers that will work.