Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi) Modem Drivers

56HP92-PCT Modem 56Kbps Internal Modem
Agere Modem Driver version 2.1.21 Agere Systems AC'97 Modem
Agere Systems AC'97 Modem v2146D AirCard® 597E for Telecom NZ
AirCard® 597E for TELUS Compaq Presario Realtek AC'97 Audio
Compass™ 597 for Telecom NZ Conexant AC-Link Modem
Conexant HSF Generic AC'97 Modem Driver Conexant SoftK56 Data Fax Modem
Conexant-Ambit SoftK56 Data,Fax ICH Modem Conexant-Ambit SoftK56 Data,Fax Modem
Conexant-Ambit SoftK56 Data/Fax Modem Driver Utility Conexant-Ambit® SoftK56 Data/Fax ICH Modem Driver Utility
Conexant-Ambit® SoftK56 Data/Fax Modem Driver Conexant-Ambit® SoftK56 Data/Fax Modem Driver Utility
Conexant® AC-Link Modem Driver Conexant® SoftK56 Data/Fax ICH Modem Driver Utility
CXT AC-Link Modem CXT AC-Link Modem for ALi
ECS PCtel AMR/CNR Modem Driver (PCtel \\ ICH5) Gateway Motorola SM56 Data Fax Modem V6.11.6.0
HP Omnibook xt1500-id, Pavilion zt1000-id and zx000-id series Notebook - Windows HSP56 MicroModem
HSP56 Modem HSP56 Modem (Uni-Driver)
HSP56 MR Lucent Modem Driver version 3.1.66
Lucent Modem Driver version 3.1.80 Lucent Modem Driver version 3.1.90
Lucent Modem Driver version 3.1.97 Lucent Technologies Soft Modem AMR
Lucent Technologies® Soft Modem Driver Utility Lucent® Soft Modem Driver Utility
MicroLink 56k pro Motorola Modem V6.12.05
MSI PenNote3100 Modem Driver NetoDragon 56K Fax Modem
NetoDragon 56K Voice Modem Realtek AC'97 Audio (A3.54)
SENS LT56ADW Modem Smart Link 56K Modem
Smart Link 56K Voice Modem SoftK56 Data Fax CARP
TOSHIBA Software Modem Toshiba Software Modem driver for Windows XP
Tron DF56.0
Manufacturer Name: ALi
6F, 246 NeiHu Road, Sec. 1
Taipei 114

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Additional Information: ALi Corporation (ALi), is one of the world's leading suppliers of integrated circuits for a number of market segments, including DVD, optical storage, multimedia peripheral, wireless LAN, and core logic chipset solutions.