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Full Version: Update drivers
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Почему при обновлении новых драйверов,программа предлагает загрузить драйвера,которых ещё нет на сайтах производителей железа ? И ещё : Все ли драйвера имеют цифровые подписи производителя железа ?

When you update the drivers, the program shows the new drivers that are not yet on the hardware manufacturers official websites.
Why is it so?
The main reason: The reseller has sold you the hardware, and made their money from it. Providing customer support for out-of-warranty products is expensive - so they don't want you using any of their products that are over 12 months old. They want you to throw it out and buy new hardware.

Almost all the manufacturers do not make their own chips. They don't write their own drivers either. Normally the chip manufacturer (intel, nvidia, amd, etc) supply a Reference Driver and the Reseller may add minor tweaks before releasing it on their website.

With these older products, they no longer spend the time testing new drivers on old hardware, and so do not update their website. It does NOT mean there are no newer drivers available for the product.

Most drivers are digitally signed, and Microsoft displays horrible life-or-death error messages if the signatures are missing. Due to the small number of companies that do the actual driver development, they are very familiar with all of Microsoft's WHQL requirements and testing procedures, and are quite capable of writing device drivers. Having an unsigned driver is not the disaster MS would have you believe it is.
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