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Full Version: Driverzone - Read before Requesting a Driver
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Please post any request for your drivers in the "request a driver" section of the forum

You may wish to use the search page for possible answers.

If asking for a driver please list what version of windows your pc/laptop is running. If you are using a 64bit operating system, please say so.

If asking for a unknown device in device manager please call up the device id string as shown here:

Please do not include any email addresses in your post - we will delete the entire post promptly, because this opens the poster up to spamming bots as they can read a printed email address. It's always best to post your question and check back in a few hours for any possible answers.

This short list will save time in searching for your driver.

thank you
dave aka davey6

[2011.08.18 - Updated by DriverGuru]
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