Forum Announcement: The Rules - READ THESE! Also: All Posts are Moderated
11-09-2006, 10:34 AM
The Rules - READ THESE! Also: All Posts are Moderated
Welcome to the forums! Feel free to ask for help with drivers. We can help you find, install, uninstall, and upgrade drivers of all sorts.

Please keep the topics limited to drivers, or other computer-related issues. No advertising or spamming is allowed. Please be friendly, and courteous.

Due to the large number of spammers posting unsuitable content, everyone is on "moderated posts" - this means that it may take several hours for a staff member to review your post, before it appears here

The more information you give us about a problem you are having, the better. For example: the manufacturer and model of the device you are having a problem with, the operating system you are using, what brand of computer you have, etc. The more information you provide us, the better we can help you.
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