FCC ID Search Guide


One of the most valuable tools in finding out the original manufacturer of a computer component is the FCC ID number.
Armed with the proper FCC ID number a person can use the online FCC database to find out who originally manufactured the component.

The difference between the FCC ID number and the Registration Number.

There are two different FCC numbers used for identifying computer equipment, the FCC ID number and the FCC Registration number. The FCC Registration number is used for "Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network" or section 68 equipment. This of course includes modems, which we will discuss later in the guide. For reference this is what the FCC Registration number looks like.

The FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity):

Not all equipment needs a FCC ID number, if the component is displaying this logo:

It is not in the FCC ID database, you probably not find a FCC ID number on it. One some of the labels, like this one, we know the manufacturer and the model number so we really don't need the FCC ID number. Unfortunately this is not always the case, you will need to find the original manufacturer by other means.