Description:Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows XP SP2
File Size:15.2 MB (15965928 bytes)
Hardware Category:BL SY US
Operating Systems:Windows XP (32bit)

Install this version BEFORE you upgrade to SP2.

If you have an older version of this software installed on your system, you should uninstall it using Windows XP's Add/Remove Programs control panel before you install this version.

If you want to use the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack with SP2:

1. Update the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack first.
2. Install SP2 (the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack won't be installed).

If you want to use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack instead of Toshiba's:

1. Uninstall Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.
2. Install the Toshiba Bluetooth Monitor
3. Install SP2 (the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack will be installed).

The Toshiba Bluetooth Monitor will turn on/off the BT module. This module is not necessary when you use the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.

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