Signed on 2007.10.31
Description:Intel(R) RAID Virtual Device
File Size:28.3 kiB (29013 bytes)
Hardware Category:
Operating Systems:Windows Vista (64bit)
Installation Instructions
This updated driver can be applied using the normal OS installation options.
Extract package contents to a user specified location such as = a:\ or a USB flash

A) This procedure installs the Intel RAID device driver on a new Windows* Vista x64
system. Windows Vista x64 automatically adds the driver to the registry and copies
the driver to the appropriate directory.

1. Start the Windows installation by booting from the Windows Vista x64 DVD-ROM.
The system BIOS must support booting from a DVD-ROM. BIOS settings might require
changes to allow DVD-ROM booting. See your system documentation.

2. When the screen displays: "Where do you want to install Windows?", select 'Load
Driver', then click Next.

3. The system prompts for a Load Driver dialog to ask for the manufacturer-supplied
hardware driver disk. Insert the driver diskette containing the Windows Vista x64
device driver, and press .
NOTE: You may ask to supply the appropriate INF path if you want to load driver from
a USB flash drive.

4. Select the Windows device driver from the menu by highlighting it, then click

5. Follow the Microsoft Windows installation procedure to continue the OS

B) This procedure installs or updates the Intel RAID device driver on an existing
Windows Vista x64 system.

1. Boot Windows.

2. Under Control Panel, select Administrative Tools -> Computer Management. Then
Select Device Manger and identify the new add-in device. Double click the device,
then select the Drier Page, click Update Driver to install the new driver.

3. Insert the driver diskette into the A:\ drive.

4. Click the 'Browse My computer for driver software' button.

5. Click the 'Browse' button to specify the driver disk location A:\

6. Click the 'Next' button then system will serach driver in the specified location
and install the driver automatically.

7. Click the 'Close' button to complete the driver installation.

8. Repeat this process for all the controllers on your system.
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